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Can A House Be Sold While In Probate In New England?

Can A House Be Sold While In Probate In New England?

Is it possible to sell a house while in probate in New England? Absolutely! The process of Probate is simply the legal administration of an individual’s will and property after their death. As such, when you are selling a house through this process, there are various steps that need to be taken: obtaining approval from executors and lawyers involved with verifying who inherits the property being one of them.Old Harbor Properties is a local cash home buyer in New England. We buy houses in New England, so don’t hesitate to call us if you want to sell a house while in probate in New England. Read this article to know how to sell a house during probate in New England!

Appointment of Executor

Appointed Executor of probate process for a family home, resulting in the successful transfer of ownership to the rightful heirs. If the decedent has designated a willing executor, they will be officially appointed to fulfill their duties. If no individual is specifically named, courts or close family members may select an executor from among those related to the deceased.


Appraising probate property is an importance task for any executor. It is essential to select a reliable and licensed appraiser that can accurately determine the fair market value of the property. A good appraisal should provide a clear analysis of the market conditions and trends, as well as the nature and condition of the property in question. This will ensure that the executor gets a fair price for the property.

When it comes to selling probate property, it’s important to ensure that you get at least 90% of what was appraised. The executor must do their due diligence in researching and selecting an experienced, ethical appraiser to get an accurate estimate of market value. Additionally, the executor should consider the terms and conditions of the local market conditions, as these may significantly affect the appraisal.


This process begins with an agent who will list your property in multiple listing services, making it known to prospective buyers. When one of these potential buyers makes a compelling offer that includes 10% of the total purchase amount up front, you may either accept or reject their bid. If accepted, this agreement is then brought before court for confirmation – and if all beneficiaries are contented with the sale proceedings, a date will be set for completion. Your probate attorney must submit any finalized offers to the court on your behalf during this time as well.

Upon acceptance and court confirmation of the offer on a probate property, all heirs must receive a Notice of Proposed Action with each associated term and condition. Heirs have 15 days to express any objections they may possess; should no dissent be voiced within that timeframe, then the sale can proceed without need for further hearing in court.


The court will inquire if there are any other potential buyers who would like to bid on the property; should they present themselves, then your original deposit funds must be refunded and a new bidder with 10% cashier’s check will have to step forward. Once confirmed and approved by the court, an official contract can finally be signed.

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