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What You Should Know About Cash for Houses Companies in New England

What You Should Know About Cash for Houses Companies in New England

Cash-for-houses companies play a crucial role in the New England real estate market, but their lack of local expertise may cause them to overlook important details. Fortunately, there is now a new sales option available to sellers that combines the expertise of local property investors and highly educated real estate agents – the hybrid agent. With a hybrid agent, sellers can enjoy the benefits of both worlds, maximizing their profits while receiving professional guidance and support throughout the sales process.

While achieving the highest possible profit is important, it’s crucial to fully understand how each option can address your individual needs and financial concerns before making a decision. If you’re considering selling your property, it’s worth exploring the benefits of a hybrid agent before deciding on a cash-for-houses company in New England.


Cash buyers lack the expertise of local hybrid agents and may not have the best interests of sellers in mind. However, hybrid agents, such as those at Old Harbor Properties, offer the best of both worlds. As licensed real estate agents, they have the ability to list properties on the New England real estate market, while also providing the option to buy homes directly for cash in as-is condition. This means that sellers can avoid the listing process and the hassle of showings, without having to pay commissions, hidden fees, or closing costs.

The hybrid agents at Old Harbor Properties provide a convenient one-stop shop for sellers, regardless of the reason for selling or the preferred sales method. However, for those who lack the funds to bring their property to its full potential, there is a third option. After evaluating the property, the hybrid agent investors at Old Harbor Properties can partner with sellers to fix any issues, list the property as an agent for commissions based on the current market value, and fairly split the profits above that with the seller.

Overall, working with hybrid agents provides a range of flexible options for sellers, from direct cash sales to full-service listings. With their local expertise and investor know-how, they can offer a tailored approach that maximizes profits while meeting the individual needs of each seller.


While cash buyers may offer a quick sale, most homeowners seek the guidance of a real estate agent when selling their property. At Old Harbor Properties, our hybrid agents are committed to full transparency, sharing every relevant detail to ensure sellers can make an informed decision with realistic expectations. We prioritize a positive experience for sellers, even after the closing.

Our hybrid agents first act as real estate agents, providing an accurate estimate of potential profits from listing the property, along with any anticipated expenses for marketing, repairs, commissions, and fees. As investors, our hybrid agents will then make a fair offer to buy the property directly, allowing sellers to compare the profits, timeline, and convenience of each of the three options we offer. At Old Harbor Properties, we even let sellers choose the most convenient closing date for a direct sale to our hybrid agents.

By offering a range of flexible options, our hybrid agents at Old Harbor Properties can work with each seller to find the best path forward based on their unique circumstances and priorities. We believe in empowering sellers with the information they need to make informed decisions, so they can feel confident and satisfied with the outcome of their sale.

Why not talk to a hybrid agent from Old Harbor Properties and find out more without obligation? You’ll see the difference when working with local professionals and their teams, your neighbors here in New England. Call Old Harbor Properties at (781) 549-0271.

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